VOXCOLOR Skin Tone Protection

What is VOXCOLOR Skin Tone Protection?

SparkleStock presets and LUTs are built with skin tone protection that produces more natural-looking portraits. This algorithm by VOXCOLOR works by recovering 50-75% of the original skin tones.

Below is an example of a color grading that is too strong for portraits. With skin tone protection, the portrait looks more natural. The LUTs/profiles can be further reduced for more natural results without completely removing the color grading.

Comparison between the standard and “Skin” presets.

How do I use the Skin presets and LUTs?

You can use this feature by selecting the skin presets indicated by the “S” at the end of the name. Every preset and LUT comes with a skin variation. To see the difference this makes, simply switch between the two variations.

Does it work on all skin tones?

VOXCOLOR’s skin tone protection algorithm works on the most common skin tones from dark to light. It does not work as well on pale, blown-out, or desaturated skin tones.

Comparison between the standard and “Skin” presets on various skin tones.

Strong Looks with Natural Skin Tones

Portrait-style presets are usually light so that they don’t overprocess skin tones. To get a stronger look, the amount setting can be raised above 100 but this will cause unappealing color shifts.

With the skin presets, you can achieve more impactful color grading while retaining the same quality of skin tones as other presets. Because the color grading starts off strong, you can further reduce it to your desired level to achieve even more natural skin tones.

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