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Loading LUTs in VN Video Editor

Switch to the Filter Tab In the VN Video Editor app, select a track then tap on the “Filter” icon. Create a New Folder Tap on the “^” button on [...]
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Loading LUTs in CapCut Desktop

Note: Importing LUTs is not available in the web or mobile version of CapCut. Import the LUTs Apply the LUT as an Adjustment Layer Hover over the thumbnails to preview [...]
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Loading LUTs in DaVinci Resolve

Open the Project Settings Start by going to File > Project Settings. Open the LUT folder Go to the Color Management section then click the “Open LUT Folder” button. Create [...]

How to Fix Lightroom Presets That Cannot Be Renamed

Issue There are no options for renaming Lightroom presets or preset groups when right-clicking them. The issue happens when the presets use Lightroom’s “cluster” feature. Clusters allow different brands of [...]

Fixing Photoshop Actions Errors

Red checkmarks in the Actions panel Red checkmarks can indicate that a step was disable. This is usually caused by accident when the checkmarks are clicked. To fix red checkmarks, [...]

Loading Photoshop Actions

Open the Actions panel Locate the Actions panel in Photoshop. If you don’t see this, you can open it by going to Window > Actions. Load the Files into Photoshop [...]

VOXCOLOR SmoothTones

What is VOXCOLOR SmoothTones? Presets and LUTs can sometimes produce subtle banding or artifacts. For videos, it can also cause flickering. The VOXCOLOR SmoothTones algorithm removes these flaws to create [...]

VOXCOLOR Skin Tone Protection

What is VOXCOLOR Skin Tone Protection? SparkleStock presets and LUTs are built with skin tone protection that produces more natural-looking portraits. This algorithm by VOXCOLOR works by recovering 50-75% of [...]

Loading LUTs in Affinity Photo

Add a LUT adjustment From the Adjustment panel, click on LUT. Load a LUT Click on the “Load LUT” button. Browse for a LUT from the LUTs\CUBE folder. Add a [...]

Loading LUTs in Spark AR Studio

Download Spark LUT Patch Visit the Spark LUT Patch project page. Download and extract the code to your computer. Import the FastColorLUT.arp file From the Assets panel, click on Add [...]
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