Refund Policy

This document serves as an amendment to our Terms and Conditions and specifies our refund and chargeback policies.

Refund Policy

While we strive to ensure our users’ satisfaction, it’s essential to clearly define our policies. Within a span of 15 days from the purchase, we can consider refund requests under the following circumstances:

Circumstances for Refund

  1. Duplicate Purchases: If you have purchased the same product multiple times in error, a refund can be issued for the duplicate transactions.
  2. Technical Issues: If our product has a technical problem which our support team is unable to resolve, we can issue a refund. For instance, if the product is not compatible with your device even though your device meets the stated requirements.
  3. Inaccurate Product Description: If the product delivered significantly deviates from its description on our platform, a refund can be issued. For instance, if the Lightroom Add-ons lack the advertised number of presets.

Please note that subjective assessments of the product’s quality or its appearance are not considered valid grounds for a refund.

Non-refundable Situations

  1. Change of Mind: We do not offer refunds if you no longer need the product or if you find a more suitable product elsewhere.
  2. Lack of Technical Expertise or Software: We do not provide refunds if you lack the technical expertise or the necessary software to use our product. For instance, not having the right version of Adobe Photoshop to use our plugin.
  3. Accidental Purchases: If the product has been downloaded, we cannot process a refund in case of accidental purchases.
  4. Subjective Quality Assessment: If the product does not meet your personal quality standards, we cannot issue a refund. For instance, if you consider a Photoshop Add-on to be too difficult to use.
  5. Internet-related Download Issues: If internet issues on your side prevent a successful download, we cannot process a refund.
  6. Unsubstantiated Technical Problem Claims: Asserting a technical problem without providing any substantial evidence to support the claim will not be grounds for a refund.
  7. Refund Abuse: If you have a history of frequent refunds or bad-faith chargebacks, including but not limited to other marketplaces or websites, your request for a refund may be denied. We review each case on an individual basis.
  8. Old Purchases: Purchases made more than 15 days prior are not eligible for refunds.

All-Access Pass Policy

Refunds on membership fees may be considered within 15 days of the initial subscription, provided our system shows no downloads have been made under the subscription.

How to Request a Refund:

To request a refund, you need to contact SparkleStock directly. This could be via email or through a contact form on the website. You should provide details about your purchase and the reason for your refund request. SparkleStock will review your request and make a decision based on the circumstances and their policy.


At SparkleStock, we take the integrity of our transactions and the satisfaction of our customers very seriously. However, in the event of a chargeback or payment dispute, we have the following policies in place:

  1. Account Suspension: Accounts associated with chargebacks may be subject to suspension or closure. Consequently, access to prior purchases may no longer be available. In cases where a chargeback is disputed through PayPal, the associated account may be temporarily disabled until the dispute is resolved.
  2. Information Sharing: For the purpose of investigation, we reserve the right to share relevant personal and transaction information with appropriate parties. This may include, but is not limited to, the first name, last name, email address, billing address, purchase history, usage data, and trackers.
  3. Classification of Chargebacks: Please be aware that the determination of whether a chargeback is classified as made in bad faith is solely at the discretion of your bank or payment provider. We, as SparkleStock, do not have the authority to intervene or influence this decision.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding a charge you have made or our chargeback policy, please contact our customer service team directly. We are here to assist you and ensure that your experience with SparkleStock remains positive.

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