15 Hand Drawn Gold & Silver Patterns

Easily create wedding invitations, birthday cards, coasters, gift wrapping paper, and more! These patterns make it easy to create beautiful designs. All of the patterns are seamless and hand drawn with a variety of markers and brushes. They also come in black, gold and silver versions. If you use Photoshop, then you’ll be happy to know that it comes with a Photoshop Pattern file making it incredibly easy to place patterns.


✔ 15 Hand Drawn Patterns
Every pattern was hand drawn using a variety of markers and brushes. It’s the perfect way to give your design that crafty look.

✔ 100% Seamless
Tile the patterns to any size with ease! The patterns have seamless edges which lets you tile them side-by-side seamlessly.

✔ Gold & Silver Variations
There are actually 45 patterns in this bundle. That’s because every pattern comes in ink, gold and silver presets. The textures look real because they were scanned from real gold and silver colored paper.

✔ Accurate Scale
Getting the right pattern size before printing helps add to the realism of the gold and silver texture. It prevents the texture from looking too small or large when printed. To achieve this, simply scale the pattern to 50% for a 300 DPI project or 100% for a 600 DPI project. The patterns are 8×8 inches at 600 DPI.

✔ Photoshop Pattern File Included
Easily use the patterns in Photoshop CC with the included high-res pattern file! And because they’re seamless, they’ll fit any project size.

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