200 Vibrant Overlays for Lightroom

Vibrant Overlays is a set of 200 Lightroom presets that make creating color overlays easy. These overlay effects are popular as backgrounds for graphics, websites and mobile apps.


200 Lightroom Presets

The enormous amount of presets lets you get the perfect look. The overlays are available in 40 colors (10 degree hue increments) with different levels of intensity.

Minimal Settings

These presets will not overwrite your white balance or basic tonal settings. They only use the Tone Curve and B&W Mix adjustments.

Fast Rendering

The majority of the overlay effects are concentrated in the tone curves adjustment. The tone curve renders incredibly fast especially with the GPU-acceleration in Lightroom CC. In addition, the presets are minified which makes them 5-10% smaller for improved loading times.

Free LR Toolkit B&W Module ($6 Value)

LR Toolkit is the ultimate workflow system for Lightroom and can be used to modify these presets in endless ways. You’ll get a free copy of LR Toolkit base kit and a premium B&W module valued at $6. To learn more about LR Toolkit, please visit www.lrtoolkit.com


  • Adobe Lightroom 4
  • Adobe Lightroom 5
  • Adobe Lightroom 6
  • Adobe Lightroom CC

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