24 Folded Paper Overlays

Add a folded look to any photos instantly with these extremely easy to use overlays. Simply place them over your image, change the blending mode to Linear Light, and you’re done!


  • 24 Folded Paper Textures
    Choose from 24 folded paper overlays from simple folds to wrinkled. There’s even an extra plain unfolded paper included in case you just want the paper texture look.
  • Extremely Easy-to-Use
    To use, simply place them over any image in Photoshop and set the blending mode to Linear Light. Adjust the opacity to change the intensity of the folds.
  • Stackable
    You can place multiple overlays in your document to stack the creases.
  • Ultra High-Res
    These overlays are a whopping 40 megapixels! There’s so much detail that you can even see the paper grain texture.

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