3D Text Creator

Easily create stunning 3D text with these Photoshop actions! This huge pack of 65 actions can turn your text layers into 3D text facing any four directions. You can create flat, solid, and translucent 3D text with one click.


  • Create 3D Text in Four Direction
    Bottom-left, bottom-right, top-left, or top-right – the choice is yours! You can easily make text extrude in four directions.
  • Solid and Translucent Effects
    Pick from any four effects (flat, solid, translucent-flat, or translucent-solid). The flat effects are great for simple vector-looking designs. The solid effect adds realistic shading to your text so that it looks 3D. And there are even translucent versions of the flat and solid text effects!
  • 5 Outline Styles
    Play one action and all 5 beautiful outline styles will be generated for you. Using Snapshot Prerendering, you can instantly switch between the outline effects without playing another action. Because the actions only use nondestructive techniques, you can change/customize the outline styles any way you like!
  • Fully Editable Layers
    All layers are fully editable and the 3D effects are created using nondestructive techniques! For the non-translucent effects, you can even change the text after applying the 3D effects

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