6 Gold Clothespin-Style Card Mockups

Looking for a great way to preset your card or postcard designs? Try out these gold-styled mockups! This bundle of 6 mockups is easy to use and customizable. They also look authentic because they’re created from real photos.

✔ Made from Real Photographs (Not 3D Models)
These mockups were created from real photographs of real objects. It gives you the authentic and realism that you can’t find in 3D mockups.

✔ Easy to Use
Simply doubleclick a layer, drop your image, then save. It’s that easy. In case you need help, a 1-min quickstart video is included.

✔ Customizable Envelope
Make the envelope gold, silver, white, pink, or any color you like. You can even use your own image/texture!

✔ Paper Tone
The Paper Tone layer helps your card design blend in with the mockup for added realism.

✔ JPG and PSD Included
Don’t use Photoshop? Use the JPG images with any image editing software of your choice.

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