9 Picture Frame Mockups

A photo on its own can look boring and incomplete. Put it in a picture frame, though, and suddenly it comes to life, becoming a piece of art. These mockups are a better way to present your photos and they’re also a useful tool to see how your image will look in a variety of framed sizes. Whether you sell prints on Etsy or just want to show your clients how their photos will look framed, you’ll love these picture frame mockups.


  • Made from Real Photographs (Not 3D Models)
    These mockups look real because they are partially created from real photographs. By using real-life picture frames instead of 3D models, you get the realism that you can only get in photographed mockups.
  • Proper Sizes
    All picture frame are based off of real picture frame sizes and have the correct measurements in Photoshop.
  • Easy to Use
    Simply double-click on the Smart Object, paste your image, and you’re done in seconds!
  • Optional Frame Mat
    Add or remove a mat by turning on or off a layer
  • Fadable Reflections
    Fade the reflections by with the layer opacity setting
  • Transparent Background
    Use your own background or customize the included vector background.

Product Updates

  • 12/30/2014 – New 8×10 and 10×8 frames.

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