50 AI Gradient Duotone Actions

Turn photos into duotone gradients in seconds with these 50 Photoshop actions! Originally created for marketing agencies, these are designed to get the job done fast. It uses artificial intelligence to automatically mask out the main subject (be it a person, pet, food, or other common things). Try them out and you’ll be impressed!

What You’ll Get

  • 50 Incredible Photoshop CC Actions
  • “Play All Effects” action to save you tons time

✔ 1 Action, 50 Stunning Gradient Duotones
Turn any photo into stunning graphics in seconds. There are 50+ actions, but you can use the “Play All Effects” action to generate all 50 styles. This saves you a ton of time!

✔ Easy and Fast – Made for Marketing Agencies
The actions are incredibly easy to use. They were originally developed for marketing agencies who need to pump out graphics fast. With one action, you can generate 50 styles. Then you can preview how each one looks lag-free (they’re rendered ahead of time).

✔ Artificial Intelligence Powered by Adobe Sensei
These actions automatically create a mask for you using AI. It works great with people, pets, food, etc. The accuracy improves over time as long as you keep Photoshop up-to-date.

✔ Intelligent Autofixing Photoshop CC Actions
Many people get stuck using Photoshop actions over small issues. These actions automatically fix them without you even noticing.

✔ No Resizing
Many Photoshop actions resize your image. These actions don’t. Your photo will stay the same size – even if it’s a 100MP photo.

✔ Works with All Languages
Not everyone uses the English version of Photoshop. Yet many actions force you to. These actions work with ALL LANGUAGES. You don’t need to reset your Photoshop language.

Compatible With

  • Photoshop CC
  • Mac and Windows

The AI used in these Photoshop actions are powered by Adobe Sensei. It’s not always perfect and sometimes requires a bit of touchup. The algorithm gets better over time and to take advantage of this, you just need to keep Photoshop up-to-date.

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