Landscape Retoucher

Enhance your landscape photos quickly and effectively with these 14 landscape retouching actions. With these actions, you can restore and enhance your landscape photos in seconds!


  • Restore Details
    Reduce haze, improve water clarity, and more, You can even fix overexposed skies with blown out highlights!
  • Increase Vividness
    Enhance foliage colors simply by painting over trees, bushes, etc. You can even enhance vibrance according to how vivid the colors are with the neutral-priority and vivid-priority actions.
  • Fully Editable Layers
    These actions do not merge your layers! Your layers are untouched and the effects are applied on top of your photo. They are also fully editable and most of them are as easy-to-adjust as changing the opacity.
  • Easy to Use
    Simply play an action then paint over the areas you want to fix/enhance. You don’t have to be very precise with the painting.

Photoshop Actions

  • Remove Color Cast
  • Reduce Haze
  • Restore Overexposed Skies
  • Enhance Blue Skies
  • Improve Water Clarity
  • Midtone Contrast
  • Dynamic Range – Boost DR
  • Dynamic Range – Boost Shadows
  • Dynamic Range – Restore Highlights
  • Dynamic Range – Highlight Compression
  • Vividness – Enhance Foliage
  • Vividness – Neutral Priority
  • Vividness – Vivid Priority
  • Extras – Nondestructive Tone Adjuster

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