LG V20 Tools

Enhance the photos from your LG V20 phone with these free Photoshop actions. These actions will normalize the colors, correct wide angle distortions, and reduce high-ISO artifacts.

Photoshop Actions

  1. Normalize Colors
  2. Wide Angle Correction
  3. Wide Angle Volume Deformation
  4. High ISO: Reduce Artifacts
  5. High ISO: Reduce Artifacts (Strong)
  6. High ISO: Reduce Noise
  7. High ISO: Normalize Colors

Product Features

✔ Normalize Saturated Colors

The photos from the LG V20 are heavily processed which reduces color accuracy and leads to artificial-looking photos. These actions can normalize the colors in your photo to the same quality seen in other phones.

✔ Fix Wide Angle Distortions

Create perfectly straight lines from your wide angle photos. The wide angle actions removes the distortion caused by the wide angle camera. The result is a photo that looks like it was taken with rectilinear ultra wide angle lens.

✔ Reduce High-ISO Artifacts

When shooting in high-ISO mode, the photos from your LG V20 will have heavy pixel artifacts. The high-ISO actions can remove the artifacts and reduce the noise resulting in much more usable photos.

Works With

  • Photoshop CS6 and CC
  • Mac and Windows

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