50 Light and Airy Lightroom Presets and LUTs

Download this set of light and airy Lightroom presets and LUTs. They’re ideal for portrait, wedding and travel photography. The presets support both Lightroom Desktop AND Lightroom Mobile. It supports opacity – so you can get the perfect look whether you want something lighter or stronger.

Unlike traditional presets, these presets use profiles that move colors in a 3D space. This gives it a dynamic look that can’t be replicated with Lightroom settings. Plants and skies stand out while other colors are desaturated. This gives it a very clean look with minimal color casts.

And with skin tone protection technology, these presets are perfect for wedding photography. There are an extra 50 presets that restore 50-75% of the original skin tones.

What You’ll Get

  • 50 Light and Airy Lightroom CC/Lightroom Mobile Presets
  • 50 Light and Airy Lightroom Classic CC Presets
  • 50 Light and Airy Photoshop/Adobe Camera Raw Presets
  • 50 Light and Airy LUTs (3dl, cube, mga)
  • 50 Light and Airy Livestreaming LUTs for Open Broadcaster Software
  • PDF Installation Guide

50 Light and Airy Lightroom Presets

Choose from a large variety of presets for the perfect look. You’ll get clean whites with greens and blues that stand out. Special color profiles shift colors 3-dimensionally to give your photos a dynamic look that can’t be replicated with Lightroom settings.

Skin Tones are Protected

Every preset comes with a bonus variation designed to restore 25-75% of original skin tones. Same look, more skin protection. This skin tone protection technology was provided by VOXCOLOR.

  • 50 Skin Protected Presets
  • 50 Skin Protected LUTs

Edit Anywhere with NATIVE Lightroom Mobile Presets

Yes! These are NATIVE Lightroom Mobile presets with opacity control! Simply load them into Lightroom CC on your desktop and they will AUTOMATICALLY sync to your iOS/Android phone. A trial or paid Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is required to sync presets.

Opacity Support – No Plugins Required!

Fade the preset to your desired strength with the built-in opacity support. It works natively with Lightroom and no 3rd party plugins are required. Opacity support also works on Lightroom Mobile (iOS and Android).

SUPER-FAST Speed-Optimized Presets

Don’t slow down Lightroom with old and outdated presets. These speed-optimized presets run 2-5x faster than traditional presets. They’re so fast, you can use them on phones with near-instant rendering times.

Supports Photoshop CC and Adobe Camera Raw

You’ll also get presets for Adobe Camera Raw which you can use in Photoshop from the Filter Camera Raw menu. Prefer to do it with an adjustment layer? Add a Color Lookup Adjustment layer and load the 3dl/cube LUTs! Whichever way you choose, there’s a preset that will fit your workflow.

Universal LUTs for Premiere, After Effects, Resolve, Final Cut Pro, Affinity Photo and More

Use these presets anywhere with the universal LUTs! They also come with the skin tone protected version for a total of 48 LUTs.

  • 3dl, cube and mga LUTs.

Livestreaming OBS LUTs

Livestreaming? Now you can use these LUTs with Open Broadcaster Software – one of the most popular livestreaming software. Simply load the PNG LUTs and you’re ready to go!

Works With

  • Lightroom CC 2019 or Newer
  • Lightroom Mobile for iOS (Creative Cloud Subscription Required to Sync Presets)
  • Lightroom Mobile for Android (Creative Cloud Subscription Required to Sync Presets)
  • Lightroom Classic CC 2019 or Newer
  • Photoshop CC
  • Adobe Camera Raw 11 or Newer
  • Open Broadcaster Software
  • LUTs are compatible with any software that supports LUTs (3dl, cube and mga)

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