25 Love Story Lightroom Presets and LUTs

With these Love Story Lightroom presets, your photos will have a warm and romantic feeling that will make them unforgettable. These presets are the perfect way to make your photos look special and evoke emotion. They’re ideal for wedding and engagement photos, but can be used with any kind of photo to add a touch of love.

Lightroom presets can add a whole new level of emotion to your photos. They can make them look warm, romantic, and moody. They’re perfect for engagement and wedding photos, but can be used for any kind of photo.

Think of these Lightroom presets like a box of chocolates. Each preset add a touch of sweetness and romance to your photos, making them unforgettable.

If you’re looking to add a touch of love and romance to your photos, then these Lightroom presets are perfect for you. They’re easy to use and will give your photos a warm and sentimental feeling.


  • 25 Lightroom Desktop & Mobile Presets
  • 25 Skin Tone Protected Presets
  • 25 LUTs
  • 25 Skin Tone Protected LUTs

Lightroom Presets

  • ✔️ Supports Lightroom desktop, mobile, and web.
  • ✔️ Made with Lightroom profiles
  • ✔️ Supports the Profile Amount slider.


  • ✔️ 3DL, CUBE, LOOK, MGA, and PNG files included
  • ✔️ Passes stress-testing with no banding or artifacts.


  • ⭐ VOXCOLOR Skin Tone Protection – Protect skin tones for for natural-looking portraits
  • ⭐ VOXCOLOR SmoothTones – Smooth tonal and color transistion for professional results

Compatible With

  • Lightroom Presets: Lightroom CC 2022+, Lightroom Classic CC 2022+, Lightroom Mobile, Photoshop CC 2022+, Adobe Camera Raw v14+
  • LUTs: Affinity Photo, Premiere Pro 2022+, Final Cut Pro v10.4+, DaVinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer, Capture One Pro 20+, Cyberlink ColorDirector, OBS Studio, Vegas Pro, Spark AR Studio, Nuke, Filmora, and most other software that supports LUTs.

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