Night Magic – 43 Lightroom Presets and LUTs

Take your night photography to the next level with this bundle of 43 Lightroom presets & LUTs. Your nightscapes will transform instantly with intense colors. You can use the Lightroom presets on your phone, tablet or computer. You can also use the matching LUTs in other software like Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve, Affinity Photo and more.

What You’ll Get

Lightroom CC (Syncs with iOS and Android):

  • 43 Lightroom CC Presets
  • 43 Lightroom CC Presets with Skin Tone Protection
  • 39 Lightroom CC Presets with Smart Vibrance

Lightroom Classic CC:

  • 43 Lightroom CC Presets
  • 43 Lightroom CC Presets with Skin Tone Protection
  • 39 Lightroom CC Presets with Smart Vibrance

Photoshop CC/Camera Raw:

  • 43 Camera Raw Presets
  • 43 Camera Raw Presets with Skin Tone Protection
  • 39 Camera Raw Presets with Smart Vibrance


  • 43 3DL/CUBE/MGA LUTs
  • 43 3DL/CUBE/MGA LUTs with Skin Tone Protection
  • 39 3DL/CUBE/MGA LUTs with Smart Vibrance

43 Intense Presets Made for Nightscapes

Intensify your nightscapes with 43 presets. The Lightroom presets use special profiles which transform colors in a 3D space – something that can’t be done with Lightroom adjustments alone.

Super Fast Lightroom CC Presets

These presets use lightweight profiles which cuts down rendering times and CPU usage. They’re several times faster than pre-2018 Lightroom presets. They’re so fast that you can hover over each preset and see the results instantly.

Built-In Opacity Control

Need something lighter or stronger? Use the built-in slider to control the opacity.

NATIVELY Compatible with Lightroom Mobile for iOS and Android

You can use these presets on Lightroom CC for iOS or Android. Because they’re natively compatible, the presets will sync to your mobile devices automatically – no tricks required.

Skin and Vibrant Modes

The presets come with “S” and “V” variants. Use the S-Series on portraits to keep skin tones natural. For an extra boost in vibrance, use the V-Series. The V-Series give smoother results than Lightroom’s vibrance adjustments. The Skin Tone Protection and Smart Vibrance technologies were produced by VOXCOLOR.

Professionally Balanced Exposure

No more tweaking the exposure – these presets are professionally calibrated by VOXCOLOR to preserve your images original exposure and protect your workflow.

Lightroom Presets

Below you’ll find a list of all of the presets. The presets come with versions that protect skin tones and provide an extra boost to the colors.

  1. Boyle
  2. Busby
  3. Canora
  4. Cardston
  5. Chatfield
  6. Davidson
  7. Denare
  8. Earls
  9. Edson
  10. Fedorah
  11. Granisle
  12. Hinton
  13. Kahntah
  14. Kelsey
  15. Kinney
  16. Kinosis
  17. Kuldo
  18. Lutose
  19. Manning
  20. Manson
  21. Margie
  22. Nakusp
  23. Namu
  24. Nelson
  25. Notigi
  26. Paddle
  27. Perryvale
  28. Pingle
  29. Rosetown
  30. Shellbrook
  31. Smithers
  32. Spiritwood
  33. Sundance
  34. Surrey
  35. Terrace
  36. Tisdale
  37. Topley
  38. Vega
  39. Vermillion
  40. Vimy
  41. Weir
  42. Westlock
  43. Zama

Works With:

  • Lightroom CC 2018 or newer
  • Lightroom Classic CC 2018 or newer
  • Lightroom CC for iOS & Android (Synced via Lightroom CC Desktop)
  • Photoshop CC 2018 or newer (via Camera Raw filter)
  • Any software that supports LUTs including Affinity Photo, Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, etc.
  • Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android

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