Real Estate Photo Retoucher

The action set for real estate photographers! These 11 Photoshop actions can fix wide angle photos, improve white walls, add blue/twilight skies, and more.


  • Fully Editable & Nondestructive Layers
  • Professional Results

Photoshop Actions

  • Volume Deformation
    Many interior real estate photos can only be captured with wide angle lens. Unfortunately, this can cause distortions that can make TVs, fireplaces, tables, etc. look too long. With Volume Deformation, you can correct these issues without resorting to expensive 3rd party software.
  • Improve White Walls
    Lighting can cause color casts on white walls. This action restores the neutral color on white walls and ceilings.
  • Neutralize Colors
    Improve the look of stainless steel appliances, countertops, and any neutral-color objects by removing color cast.
  • Blue Skies
    Make any photo look like it was shot on a sunny day! This action turns overexposed or cloudy skies into beautiful blue skies. On photos that already have blue skies, it can deepen the color similar to what a polarizing filter does.
  • Enhance Foliage
    This action makes grass, trees, and other foliage more vivid without affecting other colors.
  • Twilight
    Turn night photos into twilight photos or use this action to enhance the intensity of your already-twilight photos.
  • Increase Edge Contrast
    Edge contrast can dramatically improve any real estate photo – especially if you any in-camera HDR feature.
  • Auto DRI, Boost DR, Boost Shadows, & Restore Highlights
    These dynamic range actions can reveal details in your photos that are hard to see.
  • Batch Volume Deformation (Photoshop CC Only)
    Save time by applying volume deformation to all opened documents! Load all your real estate photos into Photoshop, play this action, then take a break and come back when it’s done.

Product Updates

February 8, 2016 – 2.0 (Photoshop CC Only)

  • Volume Deformation action split into two actions (5 levels and 2 levels). The 2 levels option gives fewer intensities to choose from but reduces processing times.
  • Save time by using the new batch mode actions. These actions let you to apply volume deformation to all your opened documents.

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