Retro Photo Kit

Retro Photo Kit helps you create awesome retro-styled photos. This kit gives you amazing 15 film Photoshop actions, 10 beautiful light leaks, an easy date stamp generator, and a retro font.

What you get

  1. 15 Retro Film Photoshop Actions
  2. 10 High-Res Light Leak Overlays
  3. Date Stamp Photoshop Actions
  4. Date Stamp Font

Retro Films Photoshop Actions:

  1. Play All Effects
  2. CT Precisa 100
  3. Vista 200
  4. VIsta 400 Cross Processed
  5. Paradies Dia 100
  6. Centuria 200
  7. Astia 100F Cross Processed
  8. Provia 400F Cross Processed
  9. Superia X-TRA 400 Cross Processed
  10. Ektachrome E100G Cross Processed
  11. Max 400 Expired
  12. Professional Ektar 100
  13. Donau
  14. Turquois
  15. Redscale
  16. 600 Expired

Date Stamp Photoshop Actions

  1. Horizontal Photos – Step 1
  2. Horizontal Photos – Step 2
  3. Vertical Photos – Step 1
  4. Vertical Photos – Step 2

Bonus Extras

  • 10 High-Res Light Leak Overlays
  • Retro-styled Date Stamp Font


✔ Save Time with Snapshot Prerendering
Play one action and pick the effects. This saves you time because you can switch effects instantly without having to play each action one-by-one.

✔ Date Stamp Generator
Easily add a realistic retro date stamp that you can customize with your own text.

✔ 10 High-Res Light Leak Overlays
Make your photo look even more retro with the 10 high-res light leak overlays. Simply place them on top of your image then experiment with the different blending modes.

✔ Retro Date Stamp Font
This kit includes two date stamp fonts to based on the fourteen-segment fonts used in film cameras. The Date Stamp font looks great in all situations. For a more authentic look, use the Date Stamp Alt font – this font has the fixed spacing seen in traditional displays.

✔ 100% Nondestructive Editing
To meet the demands of professional photographers, all effects are created nondestructively. All layers are fully editable and your layers are never merged.

✔ No Image Resizing
These actions use clever techniques to avoid image resizing. You’ll always get the best quality even on high-res photos.

✔ Supports 16-bit RGB photos
There’s no need to convert your image into 8-bit mode. All effects are compatible with 16-bit RGB photos.

Works With

  • Photoshop CS3 and newer (including Photoshop CC)
  • Photoshop Elements 11 and newer
  • Mac and Windows

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