This Easy License is simplified to help you easily understand the license for every product on SparkleStock. With this license, you have the right to use any Items on downloaded with your SparkleStock membership in personal or commercial projects for yourself or a client. The Items cannot be resold, redistributed, or used in a product offered for sale where the item contributes to the core value of the product being sold.

Allowed on all membership levels:

  • Personal or commercial use for yourself or on behalf of a client
  • Installing the Items on all computers that you own
  • Including portions of the Items in a source file for use by you or your client (Ex. Including an image from an Item in a Photoshop Document)
  • Reselling and redistributing an End Product where the Item does not contribute to the core value of the End Product

Allowed only with an active Team Membership:

  • Sharing or transferring the Items to individuals within the same company
  • Sharing or transferring to companies or individuals working on the same project
  • Sharing a SparkleStock Team Membership login to coworkers

Not allowed:

  • Sublicensing or reselling of the Items.
  • Sublicensing, reselling, sharing, transferring, or any method of redistributing the Item through an End Product where the Item contributes to the core value of the End Product
    (ex. Converting Photoshop brushes into images for resale on stock photo websites).
  • Sharing, transferring, or any method of redistributing the Items outside of your company and without an active Team Membership
  • Using the Items as the core value of a service you offer
    (ex. Offering a service specifically to create mockups for buyers using our Items).

Any Easy License terms already covered by the GNU General Public License will be covered by this license. Easy License may change without notifications.

Example Scenarios


  • Creating an artwork with our Items and selling it
  • Saving a Photoshop Document file with an image from our Items and sending it to a client or coworker
  • Creating a website template for sale or free with a background image from one of our Items
  • Using the Items in a film production with no limit to the amount of viewers
  • Using the Items to create a product packaging with unlimited prints
  • Using the Items as assets in a mobile app for sale or free
  • Only with a Team Membership: Sending an Item to all members of your team and outsourced workers/companies working on the same project


  • Giving the Items to your friends who are not working on the same project
  • Converting the Photoshop brushes into images and reselling them on stock photo websites.
  • Creating a gig on to place your customers image onto our mockups
  • Giving out portions of our Items as additional assets in an End Product whether for sale or free
  • Converting our Photoshop actions into products for other software
  • Taking the curves data from our Photoshop actions for usage in mobile camera apps
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