Loading Lightroom Mobile Presets


To use the Lightroom presets in Lightroom Mobile, you must have the following:

  • Lightroom Creative Cloud for Desktop
  • Lightroom for Mobile
  • Active Creative Cloud subscription

Don’t meet the requirements? Please follow the DNG presets instructions.

Open Lightroom on your desktop

Open Lightroom on your desktop. Presets for Lightroom Mobile are installed through Lightroom on your desktop. Once installed, they will sync to your mobile device.

Import the presets

Go to File > Import Profiles & Presets. Navigate to the product folder. Load the ZIP file located inside the Lightroom CC folder.

Sync the imported presets to the cloud

After loading the presets on your desktop, they should automatically sync to Lightroom Mobile on your mobile device. To check the sync status, click on the cloud button.

Open Lightroom Mobile

Open Lightroom Mobile on your mobile device. It may take a moment for the presets to sync. To check the sync status, tap on the cloud button.

Go to the Presets area

In Lightroom for Mobile, choose a photo to edit then tap the Presets button.

Apply a preset

Tap on the dropdown menu and select the preset group. Tap on the preset to preview the look. When you’re ready, tap the checkmark button on the top-right of the interface to apply the preset.

Make the profile lighter or stronger

To adjust the amount/opacity, tap on the Profiles button. Adjust the slider to adjust the profile amount.

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