10 Wooden Picture Frame Mockups

Showcase your art and photos with these realistic 8x10in wooden picture frame mockups! They’re especially great for online stores. It’s an easy way to make any product image look better and it helps your customers see how your prints will look in real life.

✔ Made from Real Photographs (Not 3D Models)
These mockups are incredibly real and authentic. It’s because they’re made from real photographs of a staged home.

✔ Proper Sizes
The picture frame mockups are based off of real-world picture frame sizes and have the correct measurements in Photoshop.

✔ Easy to Use
You can place your own image in less than 1 minute. In fact, the quickstart video is only 1 minute.

✔ Optional Frame Picture Frame Mat
Many times, shoppers have a hard time figuring out whether a print will fit within a mat. These mockups let you turn on and off the mat with ease. By showing how your print looks in a matted and unmatted frame, you can increase your customer’s confidence and reduce support emails.

✔ Paper Tone
Enable the Paper Tone layer to automatically blend your design in for added realism.

✔ JPG and PSD Included
Don’t use Photoshop? Use the JPG images with any image editing software of your choice.

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