8 Clean & Contemporary Paper Mockups

Present your designs on a clean and contemporary workspace with these eight mockups. These mockups were created with photographs of real objects (not 3D models) and they’re extremely easy to use.


  • Real Photographs (Not 3D Models)
    These mockups look real because they are real! By using real-life stationary sets instead of 3D models, you get the realism that you can only get with photographed mockups.
  • Easy to Use
    Simply double-click on the Smart Object, paste your image, and you’re done! Your image automatically blends with the paper so that no further adjustment is needed.
  • High Resolution
    With an image size of 5000×3333 pixels, you have plenty of room for high-quality prints. This is enough for 16×11 photos at 300 DPI!
  • Works great with Folded Paper Overlays
    Easily add creases and folds by combining this product with our Folded Paper Overlays.

Video Demo

Like the stationary you see? You can get them at Poppin.

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