Animated Multipurpose Outdoor Ad Set

Promote your website or business with these 17 Animated banner ads. Edit and export in Photoshop (no other software required). The subtle river background is a great way to grab attention without being overpowering.


✔ 17 Multipurpose Ads
Save money and reduce your CPC by bidding on less-competitive ad formats. These banners are based on the IAB standards and can be used in many ad networks.

✔ Easy to Edit
The simple layer structure lets you customize the ad with minimal effort.

✔ Made for A/B Testing
A/B testing helps you compare multiple versions of your ad and determine the best performing one. These ads contain a minimal set of elements to streamline your A/B tests.

✔ Looks Great on Any Website
Grab attention without looking obnoxious. The animated background is simple & subtle and the ad can be customized to fit any niche.

✔ Small File Size
15 frames only! The background animation loops seamlessly with only 15 frames. This means that you can save them as GIF and still meet the filesize requirements of many ad networks. For ad networks that don’t allow animated ads or with lower filesize limits, simply save it as a non-animated JPG file and it’ll still look great.

Compatible With

  • Photoshop CC
  • Mac and Windows

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