25 Bullet Film Lightroom Presets and LUTs

Bullet Train (2022) Color Grading

Did you like the movie, “Bullet Train“? If you enjoyed the futuristic and eye-catching colors in that film, then you’ll love these new Lightroom presets and LUTs.

With these presets, you can easily add surreal and cyberpunk colors to your photos and videos. They’re perfect for making night cityscapes look dystopian and futuristic.

Skin Tone Protection

And because they’re enhanced with VOXCOLOR’s skin tone protection algorithm, you can be sure that your subjects will always look natural, no matter how extreme the colors are.


Bullet Film Lightroom presets are compatible with Lightroom CC 2022 and newer. It is also compatible with the Lightroom mobile app and Photoshop (via the Camera Raw filter).

The Bullet Film LUTs are compatible with all editors with LUT support. They come as 3dl, cube, icc, look, mga, and png files. The ICC LUTs are made for Capture One and the PNG LUTs work with Spark AR Studio and OBS Studio. Spark AR Studio allows you to create Instagram filters using LUTs.

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