Holographic Photoshop Styles

Take your designs to the next level with these 5 holographic Photoshop styles! They’re incredibly easy to use and makes any text, logo, icon or shape look stunning. Download them today and try it for yourself!

✔ 7 Holographic Styles
Choose between holographic crystal, diamond, magic, pixel, smooth, spiral and streak textures.

✔ Made from Real Holographic Materials
These holographic styles look real because they ARE real. The textures were created from real photographs and scans from a variety of holographic foils.

✔ Works with Any Text or Shape
Make any flat object look eye-catching in just one click! Works great on text, logos, icons, outlines and any shape.

✔ Works with Any Color
Set your text or shape color to anything you like. The holographic textures will blend in. You can also use white and yellow to give it the silver and gold look.

✔ Easy to Use
Simply click on a style and it’ll apply the effect immediately.

✔ Fully Editable and Nondestructive
Want to customize the look? The layer styles are fully editable and easy to modify!

Compatible With

  • Photoshop CC (All Versions)
  • Photoshop CS6
  • Mac and Windows

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