Category: LUTs

VOXCOLOR SmoothTones

What is VOXCOLOR SmoothTones? Presets and LUTs can sometimes produce subtle banding or artifacts. For videos, it can also cause flickering. The VOXCOLOR SmoothTones algorithm removes these flaws to create [...]

VOXCOLOR Skin Tone Protection

What is VOXCOLOR Skin Tone Protection? SparkleStock presets and LUTs are built with skin tone protection that produces more natural-looking portraits. This algorithm by VOXCOLOR works by recovering 50-75% of [...]

Loading LUTs in Affinity Photo

Add a LUT adjustment From the Adjustment panel, click on LUT. Load a LUT Click on the “Load LUT” button. Browse for a LUT from the LUTs\CUBE folder. Add a [...]

Loading LUTs in Spark AR Studio

Download Spark LUT Patch Visit the Spark LUT Patch project page. Download and extract the code to your computer. Import the FastColorLUT.arp file From the Assets panel, click on Add [...]

Loading ICC Profiles in Capture One

Copy the ICC profiles Copy all the files from the LUTs\ICC (Capture One) folder to the following locations: Macs Right-click on the Capture One application icon and select “Show Package [...]

Loading LUTs in After Effects

Create an adjustment layer Open or create a new project in After Effects. Add a new Adjustment Layer (Layer > New > Adjustment Layer). In the timeline, position it above [...]

Loading LUTs in Premiere Pro

Create an adjustment layer Open Premiere Pro. From the Project panel (Window > Projects > Project Name), click on the New icon and select Adjustment Layer. Place the adjustment layer [...]

Loading LUTs in Photoshop

Add a Color Lookup adjustment layer From the Adjustments panel (Window > Adjustments), add a Color Lookup adjustment layer. Load a LUT Click on the Load 3D LUT… dropdown menu [...]

How to Load Photoshop/Camera Raw Presets

Convert the layer to Smart Object Open an image in Photoshop. From the Layers panel, right-click on the layer then choose “Convert to Smart Object”. Open the Camera Raw filter [...]
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